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Fashion Startup Begins Production

Introducing our sustainable fashion venture, in honor of my late grandfather Benjamin Mey. Our goal is to create luxury clothing for the tall and petite silhouette using quality materials.

Join us during the production phase to discover our signature piece from our debut collection, expertly crafted in Melbourne, Australia. Learn about Bennie Mey's commitment to sustainable fashion and how you can contribute to this remarkable startup!

Production Cost

When you purchase our exquisite wool coat, not only will you receive an amazing piece, but also join thirty advocates in supporting us and contributing to 70% of our production costs. You can also help us out by buying an organic cotton t-shirt or gift card - with every purchase, one hundred advocates will help fund 30% of our production costs. 

Your support helps our first production succeed and promotes sustainability through ethically made garments.

Our production cost falls within the range of AU$30k - $40k, and our goal is set towards the higher end.  

Investment Options

The cost of the wool coat is AU$950.

Invest in a single Signature Wool Coat for AU$900 and receive a AU$50 gift voucher towards a single purchase, as well as complimentary:

  • made to measure options
  • organic classic t-shirt (choose white or black)
  • shipping

The delivery timeframe from the warehouse is estimated to be mid May 2024, taking into account three weeks for production and a three week lead time. Regular updates will be provided during this process.

The free made to measure offer expires on 31 March 2024 to allow preparation time for production.

Our Story

Bennie Mey is located in Melbourne, the city where fashion designer Elizabeth Mead started her fashion journey. She honed her skills at Melbourne School of Fashion and joined Factory 45 to bring her creative visions to life.

Elizabeth draws her inspiration from individuals' unique designs, changing seasons, and esteemed artists. From Christian Dior and Coco Chanel to architecture and artwork, and compositions of Rita Springer. She creates timeless, practical outerwear using premium and authentic materials to enrich lives in meaningful ways.

Our goal at Bennie Mey is to create luxury woman's clothing for the tall and petite silhouette using natural materials. We are dedicated to sustainable production by sourcing organic and limited edition fabrics. We also collaborate with local designers and manufacturers to bring our vision to life.

We explored additional sustainable practices including circular economy, shipping, and packaging as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

Throughout the design process, we carefully selected a wool coat to serve as the signature piece of our collection. Our team of in-house patternmakers collaborated with a renowned Italian manufacturer that strongly aligns with our values and dedication to sustainability.

Our wool coat is designed with luxury in mind. It's made with a blend of soft virgin wool and cashmere, and lined with silk lining for added luxury and comfort. It is a very cosy addition to the everyday wardrobe, and perfect for any occasion.

Experience warmth and style of our wool coat this season.  Support our sustainable fashion venture by investing in a wool coat that champions our debut collection and promotes well-being from field to form. 

Signature Wool Coat

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