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Bennie Mey

Bennie Mey Gift Card

Bennie Mey Gift Card

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Gift Ideas

Indulge a special someone with a gift card and treat them to our Signature Wool Coat from our exclusive debut collection.  

Your loved one will also receive a complimentary organic t-shirt, personalized sizing options during pre-production, and free shipping when using your gift card. 

Production Supporters

If you want to support our production through the use of a gift card, simply check the box labeled 'I want to send this as a gift' above, and nominate

When you purchase our exquisite wool coat, not only will you receive an amazing piece, but also join thirty advocates in supporting us and contributing to 70% of our production cost. You can also help us out by buying and organic cotton t-shirt or gift card - with every purchase, one hundred advocates will help fund 30% of our production cost. For more information about Bennie Mey's production cost, click here.


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