Unlocking the Secrets of Sustainable Fabric: Why It's the Best Choice for Designers

Unlocking the Secrets of Sustainable Fabric: Why It's the Best Choice for Designers

The designer of Bennie Mey, Elizabeth Mead, appreciates the way our clothes protect us and establish a connection with the fabric fibers. She also finds inspiration in the changing seasons to explore various layers of style.

Many of us embrace winter's chill, pull out those cozy layers, and get ready for hearty meals. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, it's time to fire up the grill and enjoy the great outdoors. It's incredible how we seamlessly transition between weather extremes! Similarly, the manner in which we combine fibers to fulfill our needs and ensure year-round comfort is absolutely mind-blowing. While we might not ponder it to such a great extent, farmers, frame spinners, weavers, and clothing designers are truly passionate about fibers.

Fashion designers and sustainable fashion advocates know that natural fibers have a big impact on our bodies. Karl Lagerfeld, the famous fashion designer, once said that fashion and music both express the spirit of their times.

At its essence, music is a means for composers to express themselves uniquely and emotionally. It's not groundbreaking, but it holds truth and freedom. We were born to make noise! Our spirits thrive when we embrace the positive energy of sound and light. Our being emits a radiant frequency, a captivating melody.

We can only look to the jeans and t-shirt craze for why they're our favourite wardrobe choices. They're cool, versatile, and long-lasting, but it's the natural fabric that really brings them to life and makes us feel like winners. The expertise and contentment it brings.

Our garments are made with luxury in mind, using only the finest quality materials. We've chosen to partner with a reputable Italian manufacturer that shares our commitment to sustainability. Their fabrics are eco-friendly, lasting, antibacterial, stylish, and sustainable. They provide a variety of choices for weave, weight, colour, and traceability in their fabrics. 

Our wool coat is made with a blend of soft virgin wool and cashmere, ensuring a comfortable and cozy addition to your everyday wardrobe.


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