My Italian Fashion Adventure : Wool Reigns Supreme

My Italian Fashion Adventure : Wool Reigns Supreme

“I’m Elizabeth Mead, the designer of Bennie Mey!”

This photo brings back memories of our Italian adventure in 2018. I was on a rooftop in Rome, enjoying the sunset and the lively atmosphere below. It was a peaceful moment, with birds soaring in the sky and the locals preparing for a night out.

Italy has been an inspiring part of my fashion journey. The breathtaking landscape, stunning arts, timeless buildings, rich culture, and sheer passion for crafts have all left a lasting impact. I could spend hours finding quality fabrics here! I didn't find what I wanted then, new opportunities arose since that led to the signature piece of our collection.

Collaborating with an Italian manufacturer is an amazing opportunity for us as their fabric offers a wide range of weaves, weights, colours, and traceability. They put sustainability at the forefront and are pioneers in upcycling. Their incredible journey started with a military blanket in the 1940s! The wool fiber is a remarkable circular source because...

Every single strand of virgin wool is utilised to create valuable goods, leaving no fiber wasted.

There is no production waste! Every scrap, from yarn production to final fabric, is recovered and reused as valuable raw materials.

Woollen products are enduring, with garments and accessories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Wool recycling is eco-friendly, woollen apparel, accessories, and pre-consumer scraps can be effortlessly recycled using a mechanical, low-impact method.

The colours of recycled wool are naturally derived, without the use of added dyes, by maximising the existing colours in the input materials' previous lives.

Our sustainable values are in line with these qualities that support our desire to establish a fashion business that replenishes natural resources for future generations.

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Love, Bennie Mey 


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