Thread Of Honour: Empowering Sustainable Fashion

Thread Of Honour: Empowering Sustainable Fashion

In honour of my late grandfather, Benjamin Mey, I am starting a sustainable fashion startup. My goal is to create luxury woman’s clothing that is size inclusive and both fashionable and environmentally conscious. This blog post will give you more insight behind the heart of Bennie Mey, its drive for fashion and the sustainability movement.  

My story begins with my grandfather Benjamin.  We called him Oupa Ben.  He was a strong, intelligent man, full of courage, and had a peculiar charm about him.  He suited the Edwardian suiting, big-brimmed hats, leather boots and overcoat style of that era very much.  He was success-driven and knew a thing or two about business.  He was a land surveyor by trade and travelled wherever business took him. Zimbabwe was an economic haven in the day, and he became the first to survey the Kariba dam. He was also known for surveying the copper mine in the northern parts of Zimbabwe.  Father of five.  Life didn’t quite turn out the way he expected.  He was diagnosed with cancer and died at the age of 58, my dad was just 23. 

He was highly respected by the community and the prospect of a rich life separated him from his family.  Much to his aspiration to living the dream and his pursuit of wealth, the real treasures were found in his children.  Each one had a particular creativity that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  They were closely knit and had a sense of humor that made them very attractive to be around.  

Although I never got to meet my grandad, his spirit was deeply imprinted on his family.  In fact, I found very strong resemblances within me which impacted me profoundly.  It has taken a long time to recognize that and understand how to bring about positive change in our community for the benefit of the next generation.

He left sound family values and a legacy behind which is everything to be proud of.  It has been an honour to get to know my grandad this way, it seems that he never stop giving even after his passing.  It is one of those amazing legacies that will continue on for many generations to come.   

The sustainability movement and significance of Bennie Mey as a fashion brand is not just celebrating the significance of who we are and where we come from, but to also recognize the future of our younger generation.  The treasure that each generation holds is no small thing.  Wisdom, resources and zeal!  What would it look like for our communities and younger generation when there is unity between in the generations? 

Bennie Mey is a sustainable fashion brand that reflects the values I hold dear: family, friends & sustainable fashion!   


Bennie Mey



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